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Came back from a one week cruise (Royal Caribbean -- Radiance of the Seas) from Vancouver, British Columbia to Seward, Alaska. I highly recommend it!

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A year and a half goes by, registrars, etc.

I really need to update this more often. Time sure flies. Either way, I'm curious to see whether I can write more than one post every 18 months.

So what made me get to my own page at 1:41am, you ask?

Well, I switched DNS hosting providers, and wanted to make sure it works... and the story goes like this:

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Promoting literacy and self-expression at a young age -

We all need to be able to read.. and understand what we read.. there's no doubt about it. Otherwise you may find yourself walking into the wrong bathroom, ordering food you hate (actually happened to me in Japan), get fresh paint on yourself, etc.

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About this site

It's probably been about four years or so since the last update, which is ridiculous because I do this for a living... but as the saying goes.. the shoemaker's son always goes barefoot (or in this case, the shoemaker himself).

So, has been online for over 13 years. It's now just one of my spaces on the web, though it USED to be THE one.. I'm now trying to revamp it a little.. maybe update it (a lot) more often :)

I'll be adding some content and things related to my passions in life gradually...

Either way, WELCOME!

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