Promoting literacy and self-expression at a young age -

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We all need to be able to read.. and understand what we read.. there's no doubt about it. Otherwise you may find yourself walking into the wrong bathroom, ordering food you hate (actually happened to me in Japan), get fresh paint on yourself, etc.

While reading seems to evolve naturally, Writing, for some reason, is more problematic. Writing somehow developed into a chore.. some skill that one needs to learn in school, then forget all about it. I find that writing is a great tool for developing thinking and self-introspection. You don't need to be or become a professional writer in order to reap the benefits.. You don't even need to publish your creations if you don't want to.

How do we help our kids write though? My eight year-old absolutely hates writing now.. it's home-WORK!. A couple of years ago, he wrote a whole story by himself on the computer. You should have seen how proud he was of it, it wasn't school related, and although it was on the computer, it didn't involve a silly game. I'm starting to promote that again.. hopefully I will be successful.

A good place to start would be It's a free website that lets you or your kids write children stories and illustrate them. You can then either share those stories on facebook or order printed copies from

Happy writing!