A year and a half goes by, registrars, etc.

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I really need to update this more often. Time sure flies. Either way, I'm curious to see whether I can write more than one post every 18 months.

So what made me get to my own page at 1:41am, you ask?

Well, I switched DNS hosting providers, and wanted to make sure it works... and the story goes like this:

I was a loyal (stupid? stupid!) customer of Network Solutions for over 15 years and even though most of my domains are with godaddy.com, I had tzvika.com and amedma.com with network solutions. For those of you who are not aware, Network Solutions is actually the first domain registrar. They used to go by the name Internic, or internic.net, and I always felt as if they are "better" because they were there in ancient times.

So, a few days ago I got one of those threatening e-mails from Network Solutions, stating that my domains are expiring (yes, months from now), and I must do something immediately to avoid losing them, and by acting now, I will save $$$$.

I want to say that scare tactics don't really work on me, but I did follow their link to see how much $ I can save. Well, guess what, they are still as expensive as the day I started using them when they were a monopoly. Moreover, now, I have many years of experience with godaddy.com, and have yet to hit an issue there (domain name wise, not hosting -- for hosting I would definitely not recommend godaddy).

So, thank you goes out to Network Solutions, your scare tactics did scare me away, straight to the hands of your biggest competitor, which is much cheaper AND threw in one free year per domain.

So, if you're looking to register a domain, find a reputable company that is CHEAP... paying more $ doesn't make your domain shine any brighter.